Road Sweeping

Clean streets and surfaces are vital to air quality, water quality and overall community health and safety. Cevons Waste operates a fleet of road sweeper that are available for hire. Based in Georgetown, and operating nationally, we are passionate about providing customers with cost effective commercial sweeping solutions. Cevons Waste utilize the best in Road sweepers, the service is capable of handling any clean-up required- from car park to motorway to Airports. Sweeper orane

Street Sweeping- Regent Street, Georgetown


The specification of our sweepers include high pressure water bar systems, full width suction, dual brush system, angle brushes, hose reel and lance allowing us to attend to the most demanding of jobs.All our vehicles are serviced and maintained by our in-house mechanics to ensure their optimum performance.

Sweeping Services

Parking lot Sweeping: Having a clean safe environment will keep your tenants happy. Shopping malls,strip malls, office buildings and apartment complexes are some examples.

Industrial Sweeping: Keeping dust and heavy debris at bay will keep your employees safe and healthy. Manufacturing facilities – inside or outside, warehouses and loading docks are some examples.

Street Sweeping: Clean streets prevent debris and pollutants from entering local water ways. Keeping your community clean will also enhance property values  and keep your residence happy.

Special Event Clean up: Fairs, concerts, community festivals can be difficult and expensive to clean up. Cevons Waste has the resources to clean these areas quickly and economicallySweeper

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