Document Destruction

Cevons Document Shredding is an ideal solution for organizations that need ongoing or bulk, verified destruction of sensitive documents. This cost-effective shredding service is secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly. Our clients are always welcome to witness the shredding of their sensitive documents.

how it works - offsite


For the continuous destruction of your sensitive documents. We will assist in determining the quantity and type of collection containers best suited for your needs. There is no contract to sign and absolutely no long term obligation at any point.


In addition to our recurring Shredding services, Cevons offers a Special Projects Destruction Service for the one-time or periodic shredding of sensitive paper documents

Cevons Document Destruction Plant: located at Stevedore, Georgetown, Guyana


Why Shred?

Final Product: Document is impossible to reconstruct

Because, every business has information that requires secure destruction.  At some point every business has to dispose of confidential information.  Customer lists, confidential client information, credit card and sales receipts, personnel and payroll records all need to be kept secure. Both your customers and employees have the legal right to have this information protected.

Protect your Customers

Every day customers provide businesses with information that they consider to be extremely confidential. In fact, you have an “implied contract” to protect that information simply based on the fact that you are collecting data to conduct business. Customers expect that you will take every precaution to protect their information, including shredding it before it is discarded. 

Protect Your Employees

Employees (past and present) have a legal right to have their personal information protected by shredding it before it is discarded. Insurance records, employment applications, time cards, health records, accident reports and attendance records are some examples of information that legally must be protected. 

Protect your Image

“Dumpster Diving” has become Investigative Journalism 101. With all the privacy compliance laws, it is the first place reporters look to grab a quick headline on a slow news day. Privacy has become a hot consumer awareness issue and confidential information in your dumpster is an easy source of sensational headlines.

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