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We have undoubtedly the most experienced and qualified staff in Septic Tank services(emptying) in Guyana – always get our advise. Over the years we have emptied thousands of septic tanks all across the country. We operate on a higher level of service to both our regular and new customers, we believe in operating a clean and efficient service taking all waste to the licensed disposal sites.


GREASE TRAP EMPTYING AND CLEANINGbluestream-grease-trap-cleaning

Regular grease trap cleaning and emptying is an important part of keeping a restaurant running efficiently and avoiding environmental incidents, we provide a service to our customers to ensure that  grease traps can be periodically serviced.


We provides fast and effective cleaning for sewers, drains, pipes, interceptor tanks and grease traps, using high pressure water jetting.

Specifically built to work in Guyana’s Jungle

We provide:

  • Fixed competitive prices, no supplements or hidden charges
  • Efficient and convenient service
  • Experience
  • Safe & clean removal of waste to sites approved by the Government of Guyana
  • Largest Fleet of trucks in Guyana
  • Residential & Commercial septic tanks services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that my septic tanks needs emptying?Septic Tank flyer

Smelling or wet areas around the tank and drainage field, overflowing drains, or toilets and sinks that are slow to drain.

My property is well landscaped. Do your trucks leave a mess behind?

Our fleet of trucks are modern and well maintained. They do not drip oil on driveways and our team makes every effort possible to protect your property while undertaking any work.

The last company to cleaned my septic tank only half emptied it as their truck was too small. Will you fully empty my tank?

Yes! Our fleet of trucks range in size from 8,500L capacity to 10,500L capacity. That means we have a truck suitable for every job.

How often should my septic tank be emptied?

For an average family of four we recommend your septic tank be serviced every 3 – 4 years, and at least every three years for a larger family.
The frequency is also dependant on what goes into the system, how many people use it, the capacity of the tanks, and whether or not you recycle greywater.

How long does it take to empty the septic tank?

Providing everything is straightforward, about 45 mins.

How close do you need to get to the septic tank?

The closer the better. Our trucks routinely carry about 50m of hose, if the distance is greater than this then we will need to know so we can bring extra

What areas do you service?

We work in all regions of Guyana.

Our large fleet of Septic Tank Trucks and professional staff will maintain your Septic Tank, grease trap through proper pumping – call us and before you could say ssh it’s gone.

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