Compactor Rental

Cevons Waste offer the latest environmental innovation in waste compaction and waste handling equipment. We provide a full line of top quality Stationary and Portable Compactors.


Benefits of our Compactor

  • Security of waste– waste is contained in an enclosed environment rodents and other pests are deterred.
  • Improve aesthetics –the surrounding environment (loading bay) bares no evidence of waste, looks and smells cleaner.
  • Less visits to location– the compacting mechanism significantly reduces the need for constant emptying, this basically eliminates the frequent visits by a refuse truck to your location.
  • Continuous Disposal– waste can be disposed of on a continual basis; immediately after it’s generated, this means no pile-up of waste.

Cevons Waste Compactor rentals are ideal for: apartment complexes, office buildings, colleges & universities,  shopping malls, strip malls, restaurants, and much more

Our Compactors are available in various sizes